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North Carolina

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My passion for photography has been with me since I was a child in Boston.  My family moved to rural North Carolina when I was young and as I grew my passion grew with me.  Photography would remain a hobby as I earned my degree as a Registered Nurse.  Over the last few years I have dedicated myself to my profession.  My career choice has given me a lot of satisfaction, but the call to photography never left me.

Becoming a professional photographer has always been a dream of mine, so over the years I have taught myself the art of capturing images through a lens using whatever I had with me at the time, whether that was a disposable point and shoot or a DSLR.  I am drawn to the beauty and magic of landscapes and wildlife.  I hope that through my passion others are drawn to nature as well. 

Every day is a new opportunity for me to follow my passion and increase my knowledge.  Recently I began to expand my horizon and explore the elements in portraits, photo shoots and events.